Call for Nominations

This award will recognize honourees who excel in and out of the boardroom across Canada.

Nominations for 2021 are open now – please consider nominating women who excel in and outside the boardroom – see nomination guidelines & nomination form.

Nominees will be evaluated based on their breadth and depth of governance leadership as outlined in the award guidelines. The selection committee welcomes nominations for women who are leading and serving as directors on public and private companies, not-for-profit organizations and public sector boards.

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Nominations Due:

February 8, 2021

Celebrate During International Women’s Week

BMO Celebrating Women On Boards virtual event on International Women’s day. BMO and Women Get On Board will be recognizing five (5) women across Canada who excel in and out of the boardroom. (2 from Western Canada, 2 from Central Canada and 1 from Eastern Canada).

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Anar Shamji Popatia

It is an honor to receive the inaugural 2020 BMO Women on Board Award for empowering women in corporate governance. It speaks to the commitment of BMO and Women Get on Board in encouraging women to contribute in the boardroom. Our contributions bring fresh perspectives and positively impact both corporate performance and culture. Let’s work to uplift each other and make a concerted effort towards attaining gender parity in the boardroom. 
This award drives me further to augment board diversity and help anyone who has that trajectory. I share this award with all women who have been, who are and who aspire to be on boards.

Sue MacKenzie

Receiving the BMO Celebrating Women On Boards award was an honour and I’m deeply humbled to have been nominated. I hope that through initiatives like these more women will be made aware of and indeed set their sights on the merits of board service. Organizations like Women Get On Board Inc. play a critical role in shining a spotlight on and encouraging women’s board service journeys.


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